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About Our Company

Global Trade GA, LLC was established by a "Global" founder who has an extensive experience and contact network Globally as a result of working and living several years around the Globe .

After years of careful planning, preparation and successful launch, we are growing our client base, focusing our services and expanding our resources to locate overseas and US customers.

What we offer

We are here to help manufacturers and buyers, looking for new accounts, who are looking to profit from the foreign/overseas sales or who possibly do not even realize the full potential of foreign/overseas sales.

How many people we employ

The business is operated by myself President & Founder of Global Trade GA, LLC with appropriate secretarial back-up and during the summer of 2011 we expanded our operation by employing an experienced Director of Procurement for Asian market, which enables us to source products directly from the manufacturers, grow our Asian buyer network and communicate more easily with the local language.

Size of business

In common with most established import-export agents we are operating on a Limited Liability Company basis.
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Sales Staff

We make use of sub-agents within the territory when needed. The control and operation of these agents is my responsibility and is at our sole expense. We retain full control over them at all times.

We have

Expertise, International contacts, language skills, buyers, sellers.

We are continuously looking for

Producers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers and Buyers.

If you are interested in distributing unique products in North America or you have a unique/specialty product to sell, please contact us at for further details. Please let us know a few details about your company, the markets you serve and/or the products you want to offer for sale.