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Global Trading Services

As an International Trade Agent, Global Trade GA, LLC has decided to focus our services to cover the following areas:

1.   To operate as a Buying agent for foreign/overseas companies
2.   To operate as a Selling agent in North-American market for foreign/overseas companies

Global Market Access

Global Trade GA, LLC is a Trade Agent based in South East USA. We currently represent several European and Asian companies with extremely unique

products with virtually no competition in the North American market.

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Distribution Services

We are looking for Distributors and Dealers for several unique products in:

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Additionally we are a buying agent with an exclusive contract for an European wide e-commerce online store available for the whole EU population of 500 million, selling convenience/specialty products

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Specialty Products

We are looking for a convenience, specialty products from the United States and Asia for our client in Europe.

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Agency Agreement

It is our standard practice to arrange to be the exclusive agent for the manufacturer or the buyer in the agreement . This will allow us to sell their products or to be the exclusive buyer in a specific geographical area for a specific period of time.

It is also our standard practice to act purely on a commission-only basis with the payment from the purchaser directly to the manufacturer, we being paid by the manufacturer after they have received payment from the purchaser. This method of operation will allow you the opportunity to sell into an expanding overseas market without incurring additional overhead costs and ensuring you receive our services strictly on a result-only basis.

If you are interested in distributing unique products in North America or you have a unique/specialty product to sell, please contact us at for further details. Please let us know a few details about your company, the markets you serve and/or the products you want to offer for sale.